SES is 3D-Logic Directional HAHZ Drilling Software
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Download and run SES Installer to install/update SES. SES Installer never overwrites SESdata.mdb.

Download SES   Program Version Released Last Build Size
SES 5.61 2018/12/20 2018/12/20 20.9MB

Software Requirements

  Microsoft Access/Excel 

     (32-bit 2019/365/2016/13/10/07/03/XP/00)  FREE

       Semi-Annual Update Channel is recommended for C2R Office  

  Microsoft Windows

     (64-bit 10/8/7/Vista or 32-bit XP/2000/NT)

  Mac user? See Parallels or VMware Fusion

Hardware Recommendations

  PC...Single-CPU/multi-core (2.4GHz or better)

  Tablet...Surface Pro/i7 (with type cover)


  Export control classification is available

  Prior version SES installers are here & here


SES User Manual

SES 5.x User Manual. English edition. Release Notes.


   To run SES after installation...use the desktop icon or Programs-->Stoner Engineering-->SES 5

   Non-free featured SES requires a License

   Click "REQUEST Machine-Specific License" for trial (UTILITIES screen, License tab)

FDS (Friendly Drilling Software) v1.1 (11/17/2003) is available upon request. FDS is unsupported rig-site software for drilling data capture/storage and daily reporting. Data entry is quick and reports are graphical. Contact us.

United States law imposes restrictions on the destinations to which SES can be exported or reexported. Persons located in any U.S.-trade-embargoed country and prohibited persons under the Export Administration Regulations are NOT permitted to download or use SES. 

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