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SES client companies with active licenses ...


SES Licensee Company Name (110)

Abraxas Petroleum Corporation

Acme Geologic Consulting

Aethon Energy, LLC

ALS Oil & Gas

Alta Mesa Holdings, LP

Alta Resources, LLC

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Anschutz Exploration Corporation

Antero Resources Corporation

Arsenal Resources Corporation

Ascent Resources Operating, LLC

Atlas Energy Operating Company, LLC


Basin Geologic Consulting, Inc.

Bill Barrett Corporation

Bison Oil & Gas Partners, LLC

Blue Dragon Geoscience, LLC


Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.

Chevron Canada Resources

Chief Oil & Gas LLC

Chisholm Energy Management, LLC

Columbine Logging, Inc.

Comstock Resources, Inc.

Continental Resources, Inc.

Courson Oil & Gas, Inc.

Covey Park Energy LLC

Crawley Petroleum Corporation

Crescent Point Energy US Corporation


Denbury Resources Inc.

Devon Energy Corporation

Diversified Well Logging, Inc.


Earth Science Agency, LLC

Eclipse Resources Corporation

Edge Systems

EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC

Encana Oil & Gas USA Inc.

Energy Corporation of America

EOG Resources, Inc.

Ergon Exploration, Inc.

EXCO Resources, Inc.


Fairway Geology, Inc.

FourPoint Energy, LLC

Fox Resource Consultants Ltd.


Geo-Link Inc.

GeoSouthern Energy Corporation

Geotech Logging Services, LLC

Great Western Oil & Gas Company


Hadaway Consulting & Engineering, LLC

Horizon Well Logging, LLC

Hoss Consulting Services

Husky Oil Operations Limited

I-J (7)

Impac Exploration Services, Inc.

Independence Resources Management, LLC

Inflection Energy LLC

Jetta Operating Company, Inc.

Jonah Energy LLC

Juneau Energy, LLC

Confidential 'J' Company #1

K-L (4)

KJ Energy, LLC

Koury Geosteering, LLC

Laredo Petroleum, Inc.

Latigo Petroleum, LLC

M-N (5)

Mack Energy Corporation

Neset Consulting Service Inc.

Newfield Exploration Company

North Star Geoservices, LLC

Northeast Natural Energy, LLC

O-P (10)

Paladin Geological Services, LLC

PDC Energy, Inc.

Pennsylvania General Energy Company LLC

Peregrine Petroleum Partners, Ltd.

PerformWell GeoSteering

Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.

PetroLegacy Energy II, LLC

PetroShale Inc.

Pinson Well Logging, Inc.

Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Q-R (9)

QEP Resources, Inc.

Quanah Panhandle, LLC

Quintana Energy Services LP

Range Resources Corporation

Raptor Consulting, Inc.

Rebellion Energy LLC


Rosewood Resources, Inc.

Rubicon Geological Consulting, LLC


S&A Resources, LLC

Sand Point Enterprizes, LLC

Seneca Resources Corporation

Shell Exploration & Production Company

SM Energy Company

Staghorn Energy LLC

Summit Energy Management LLC

Summit Mudlogging Services

Sunburst Consulting, Inc.

Sundance Energy, Inc.


T.M. McCoy & Company, Inc.

Targeted GeoVision, LLC

Teal Natural Resources, LLC

Terra Guidance LLC

Toledo Mudlogging Services, Inc.

True Oil LLC

Confidential 'T' Company #1

U-V (6)

Ultra Resources, Inc.

Unit Petroleum Company

Velvet Energy Ltd.

Vesta Energy Corporation

Vine Oil & Gas LP

Vitruvian Exploration II, LLC

W-Z (2)

Washington and Lee University

Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation

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