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Last updated: January 8, 2018.


Listed below are 23 geosteering computer programs and their owners, with links to information. These companies supply commercial/licensable, geologic interpretation correlation software (a.k.a. geonavigation software) to the global horizontal drilling energy industry.

Owner (23)Application Name
usa Boresight LLCBoresight
usa Energy Frontiers Partners, LPHNAV
usa GeoSteering, LLC (USA)RigComms
usa HMG Software LLCHorizontal XSection
usa Horizontal Solutions International, LLCLatNavNet
usa iSpark Group, Inc.Endeavor GeoSteering
usa Maxwell Dynamics, Inc.LogXD
usa Stoner Engineering LLCSES
usa Terra Domain ConsultingTerraVu 2
usa Terracosm Software, LLCWellDirect
usa Warrior Technology Services, Inc.GeoSteerIT
earth Drilling Info, Inc.DI Transform
earth IHS Inc.IHS Kingdom Geosteering
earth LMKRGeoGraphix smartSTRAT
earth Paradigm B.V.Geolog Geosteer
earth PetrolinkGeosteering
earth SchlumbergerPetrel Shale
canada Geo-Steering Solutions, Inc.Geo-Direct
canada United Oil & Gas Consulting LTDSmart4D
russia Geosteering Technologies Ltd.Geonaft
russia RogiiStarSteer
britain Lloyd's Register Group Services Ltd.IP Geosteering
britain Quad Operations Ltd.DynaView


Displayed below are maps of oil & gas industry basins in the lower 48 states of the United States of America and geologic payzones to date being geosteered. Basin boundaries and all names are approximate.



people NEED A GEOSTEERER? Listed below are 55 geosteered payzones and experienced professionals who specialize in drilling & analyzing them. To learn more about service offerings and pricing, please contact them directly.

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Abo Sandstone (Permian Basin)
Antrim Shale (Michigan Basin)
Austin Chalk (TX-LA-MS Salt, Western Gulf Basins)
Geotech Logging Services, LLCTerra Guidance LLC
Barnett Shale (Ft. Worth Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Bluell (Williston Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Bone Spring Limestone (Delaware Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Burket Shale (Appalachian Basin)
Raptor Consulting, Inc. 
Cline Shale (Permian Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Codell Sandstone (Denver-Julesburg Basin)
Acme Geologic ConsultingTerra Guidance LLC
Conasauga (Black Warrior Basin)
Cotton Valley (TX-LA-MS Salt Basin)
Eagle Ford Shale (Western Gulf Basin)
Geotech Logging Services, LLCTerra Guidance LLC
Fayetteville Shale (Arkoma Basin)
Frontier Sandstone (Big Horn, Greater Green River, Piceance, Powder River, Uinta, Wind River Basins)
Sunburst Consulting, Inc. 
Fruitland Coal (San Juan Basin)
Gallup Sandstone (San Juan Basin)
Geneseo Shale (Appalachian Basin)
Raptor Consulting, Inc. 
Glenburn Limestone (Williston Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Granite Wash (Anadarko Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Greenhorn Limestone (Denver-Julesburg, Raton Basins)
Haynesville (TX-LA-MS Salt Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Hermosa (Paradox Basin)
James Lime (TX-LA-MS Salt Basin)
Leonard Shale (Permian Basin)
Lewis Shale (San Juan Basin)
Mancos Shale (Uinta Basin)
Manning Canyon Shale (Uinta Basin)
Marcellus Shale (Appalachian Basin)
Raptor Consulting, Inc.Terra Guidance LLC
Midale (Williston Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Monterey Shale (San Joaquin, Santa Maria-Ventura-Los Angeles Basins)
Mowry Shale (Big Horn, Powder River, Wind River Basins)
Muddy Sandstone (Wind River Basin)
New Albany Shale (Illinois Basin)
Niobrara (Denver-Julesburg, Greater Green River, North Park, Piceance, Powder River, Raton Basins)
Acme Geologic ConsultingTerra Guidance LLC
Sunburst Consulting, Inc. 
Parkman Sandstone (Powder River Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Pierre Shale (Raton Basin)
Red River "B" Limestone (Williston Basin)
Sunburst Consulting, Inc. 
Shannon Sandstone (Powder River Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc.Sunburst Consulting, Inc.
Spraberry Sandstone (Permian Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Sussex Sandstone (Powder River Basin)
Teapot Sandstone (Powder River Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Temblor Sandstone (San Joaquin Basin)
Turner Sandstone (Powder River Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TX-LA-MS Salt)
Uteland Butte (Uinta Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Utica Shale (Appalachian, Michigan Basins)
Raptor Consulting, Inc. 
Warsaw (Illinois Basin)
Raptor Consulting, Inc. 
Wasatch (Uinta Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Wayne Limestone (Williston Basin)
Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc. 
Wolfcamp (Permian Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Woodbine Sands (TX-LA-MS Salt Basin)
Terra Guidance LLC 
Woodford (Anadarko, Arkoma, Delaware, Permian Basins)
Yeso (Permian Basin)

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Listed and with links below are 73 entity owners that supply commercial geologic interpretation services (a.k.a. geo-steering / geo-navigation / consulting services). These companies use proprietary and/or commercial geosteering software and typically perform 24/7/365 services.

Owner (73)
usa Acme Geologic Consulting
usa BHL Consulting, Inc.
usa Blue Dragon Geoscience, LLC
usa ColbyCo Energy Partners
usa Columbine Logging, Inc.
usa Computerized Mudlogging Services, LLC
usa Core Geologic, LLC
usa Cosset Geological Services
usa Diversified Well Logging, Inc.
usa Decollement Consulting Inc.
usa Earth Science Agency, LLC
usa Edge Systems
usa Endeavor Geologic
usa Energy Frontiers Partners, LP
usa Field Geo Services, Inc.
usa Frontera Group LLC
usa Geo-Link Inc.
usa GeoSight LLC
usa GeoSteering, LLC
usa Geotech Logging Services, LLC
usa Goolsby Brothers & Associates, Inc.
usa Hadaway Consulting & Engineering, LLC
usa Horizon Well Logging, INC.
usa Horizontal Solutions International, LLC
usa Impac Exploration Services, Inc.
usa Koury Geosteering, LLC
usa Laramide Geoservices, LLC
usa Legacy Steering, LLC
usa Maxwell Dynamics, Inc.
usa Mid Continent Well Logging Service, Inc.
usa Mojo Geological Consulting LLC
usa Nem-PetroSolutions LLC
usa Neset Consulting Service Inc.
usa NorAm Wellsite Services, LLC
usa Paladin Geological Services, LLC
usa PerformWell GeoSteering
usa Pinson Well Logging, Inc.
usa Quality Logging, Inc.
usa Raptor Consulting, Inc.
usa Riley Wellsite Geosteering, Inc.
usa Seidel Technologies, LLC
usa Selman & Associates, Ltd.
usa Softrock Geological Services, Inc.
usa Stratagraph, Inc.
usa Stratagraph NE, Inc.
usa Summit Mudlogging Services
usa Sunburst Consulting, Inc.
usa Targeted GeoVision, LLC
usa Terra Domain Consulting
usa Terra Guidance LLC
usa Tobin Geologic Services
usa Toledo Mudlogging Services, Inc.
usa Total Depth Geosteering
earth ALS Oil & Gas
earth Baker Hughes
earth Chemostrat Ltd.
earth Excellence Logging Inc.
earth Halliburton
earth RPS Energy, Ltd.
earth National Oilwell Varco
earth Schlumberger
earth Weatherford
canada Belloy Petroleum Consulting Ltd.
canada Cabra Consulting Ltd.
canada Chinook Consulting Services Ltd.
canada Cougar Consultants, Inc.
canada Geo-Steering Solutions, Inc.
canada Pro Geo Consultants
canada Rockwell Consulting Ltd.
canada United Oil & Gas Consulting, Ltd
russia GeoSteering Technologies Ltd.
russia Geosteering, LLC (Russia)
russia TRIAS Geosteering

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