SES adjust 3D TSD Geosteering Software



SES contains automatic parameter tuning features, a.k.a. geosteering guidance. After having presented more than three dozen formal one or multi-day software training courses, and after having provided thousands of technical support responses by phone and by email for more than a decade, we have become skilled at teaching technical geosteering correlation principles to oil & gas professionals. In 2019 we coded that same foundational logic into algorithms in SES.

How we do it shall remain proprietary. It doesn't yet use Fuzzy Logic, but the internal rules smack more of expert system than of statistical regression alone. Rest assured, no other software does it like SES.

Four investigative modes are supported, whereby 3DStratBlock parameters that may be auto-tuned include:

3DSB true Dip (and 3DSB true dip direction azimuth may be 'flipped' 180 degrees when necessary)

3DSB control point TVD (performs vertical translation only, which could be faulting or may simply be focus on a particular interval whose nearby connections are later resolved)

3DSB true Dip and control point TVD (permits complex combinatory search)

3DSB MDEnd (seeks to find the depth where nature has 3D-curved or faulted relative to the Active 3DSB)

After processing has completed, the user may quickly spin through parameter calibration results to assess different ideas for consideration. In addition to command and toggle button mouse clicks for search execution and results navigation, keyboard shortcuts exist to submit Idea searches and visually blaze through inspection of ideas in the relative stratigraphic depth and cross section domains. Those shortcuts are:

CTRL+Spacebar or F6 execute a search for Ideas, then move focus to Ideas toolbar...

Next Idea Spacebar, or Right Arrow, or Up Arrow, or +

Previous Idea Backspace, or Left Arrow, or DownArrow, or -

ALT+D (select Dip tuning and execute search)

ALT+T (select TVD tuning and execute search)

ALT+E (select MDEnd tuning and execute search)

Geosteering guidance is just that guidance. Whether it's through SES or via consult with others, guidance can help. Everyone has to climb the learning curve and everyone gets geologically lost from time-to-time. No algorithm can beat the skilled human brain at technical geosteering. And sometimes when drilling live (more often than we'd like to admit) there's no option but to wait for helpful signal to arrive, to lead interpretation one way or the other.

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