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How to change Microsoft Access Security Settings

to Trust SES



If you'd rather NOT click "Open" each time SES is run, then follow these simple steps...


1. Start Access 2007|2010 (you do not need to open a database to complete these steps).


2. Click Microsoft Office Button | File Menu.


3. Click Access Options | Options.


Microsoft Access 2007Microsoft Access 2010




4. Click Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings.



5. Click Add new location. The Microsoft Office Trusted Location dialog box appears.



6. In the Path box, type the file path where SES was installed to run (by default this is C:\SESrun; you can know for sure from UTILITIES screen, Network tab), or click Browse to locate the folder.



7. Click OK to close all dialog boxes.


For newer versions of Office, the process is extremely similar.



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