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SES is for geologists who are dissatisfied with drafting or gridding-tool methods of geosteering. SES is 3D technical geosteering software that makes wellbore stratigraphic tracking quick-n-easy, accurate, and easily shared. Unlike any other geosteering software, SES provides a complete suite of software features to handle much of your horizontal drilling needs.


SES is horizontal and directional well bore drilling software...from pre-spud well planning with geologic model data integration through landing and 3D technical geosteering / stratigraphic interpretation while drilling or post drilling. Includes the 3DStratBlock  technical geosteering method with Relative Stratigraphic Depth (RSD) signal mapping, traditional 3D/2D well planning, survey calcs, Technical Hole Deviation (THD) calcs, THD logs, steering guidance from patented Fuzzy Logic control technology, and advanced visual geosteering interpretation tools using LWD (gamma radiation, resistivity, etc.) and other data.




FreeFREE Feature Option

infoEasily load/update data & 1-Click import repeatcheckcheckcheckcheck
infoCompute directional survey with 2D/3D graphingcheckcheckcheckcheck
infoInterpolate survey for coordinates at any MD checkcheckcheckcheck
infoCompute 3D well plan with unlimited targetscheckcheckcheckcheck

infoSet vertical section azimuth individually


infoSet bearings north reference individually

infoAccess same-database same-time by multiple userscheckcheckcheckcheck
info1-Click change the database currently accessiblecheckcheckcheckcheck
infoSimultaneously run multiple instancescheckcheckcheckcheck
infoEasily transfer data between users/databasescheckcheckcheckcheck

infoUSA & metric units supported


BasicBASIC Feature Option

infoCompute Technical Hole Deviation (THD) checkcheckcheck

Create and print THD Logs

infoView geo model via 3D grid data interpolation checkcheckcheck
infoExplore 3D graphs of well paths & 3D surfaces checkcheckcheck

3D views

SES 3D Viewer: surveys, plans, single-well, multi-well, and grids; click-n-drag rotate/zoom/pan

infoEasily transfer data to other software & systems checkcheckcheck
Create well plan/survey reports for regulatory filings checkcheckcheck
infoMultiple license formats supported checkcheckcheck

GeosteeringGEOSTEERING Feature Option ("G")

infoGeosteer with industry-leading MD domain 3D logic  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with industry-leading stratigraphic logic  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with evolved features for accurate results  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with MD-dependent preserved views  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with MD gaps & overlaps  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with multiple type logs & signal sources  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with up to 8 LWD data curves  checkcheck
infoGeosteer with interpolated & shiftable 3D grid data  checkcheck
infoCreate "derived" type logs from interpretation  checkcheck
infoRescale type log & LWD data on the fly  checkcheck
infoSmooth noisy LWD data and still see raw values  checkcheck
infoDisplay offset layers for enhanced visualization  checkcheck
infoDisplay well plans & create new ones on the fly  checkcheck
infoEasily determine coordinates in MD/RSD/VS domains  checkcheck
infoEasily manage multiple working hypotheses  checkcheck
info1-Click refresh survey/LWD1/LWD2/THD datasets  checkcheck
info1-Click highly-custom TVD vs. MD|VS cross sections  checkcheck
infoDisplay well paths, beds, & 16 LWD curves   checkcheck
infoPost Centerline with parallels to revise well plan  checkcheck
infoPost current footage and percent-in-zone stats  checkcheck
infoPost 3D grid data along wellbore & beyond TD  checkcheck
infoExport coordinates/properties for other software  checkcheck
infoDisplay inset map view of survey(s) & plan  checkcheck
infoDisplay inset RSD track of interpretation  checkcheck
infoSet main graph width & paper size for custom layout  checkcheck
infoDisplay one custom image/logo  checkcheck

Guidance and GeosteeringGUIDANCE & GEOSTEERING ("G&G")

infoDisplay four custom images/logos on cross sections   check
infoGenerate/display 8-sector azimuthal image logs   check

image log

SES-generated image log from 8-sector azimuthal gamma ray data

infoReceive data updates via WITSML servers   check
infoReceive steering guidance from patented technology   check
infoSuch guidance from geometric or geosteering target   check




SES has successfully downloaded directional survey data (MD/Inc/Azi) and downloaded/quantized logging data (e.g., gamma ray, ROP, etc.) from the WITSML servers listed below. There are likely numerous other WITSML servers that are equally SES-compatible due to the intent and purpose of WITSML standards. SES supports data schema versions 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4; and chunking.


CompanyWITSML Server URL snipDateNOTES
Baker Hugheshttps://witsml.bakerhughesdirect.com2012-05none
Canrig Drilling Technologyhttps://witsml.mywells.com2012-041
National Oilwell Varcohttps://witsml.welldata.net2012-041
Oilfield Instrumentationhttps://witsml.oiusa.com2016-081
Polaris Guidance Systemshttps://witsml.polarisguidance.com2013-12none
Contact us to get listed here after testing


NOTES regarding server-specific configuration settings within SES (UTILITIES screen, WITSML Server tab, Configure Server):


   1 - check "Assume uidWellbore=uidWell"




SES is practical oil & gas drilling software with advanced yet easy-to-use tools to determine:

  • WHERE your horizontal wellbore is stratigraphically located, AND (if used while drilling)

  • HOW to steer to or through your payzone

Geologic earth models are great for horizontal well planning (and easily entered from grid data and viewed in SES), but, for real-time operations, constant and intelligent interpretation of virgin data is critical to maximize effective payzone penetration at minimal cost. Interpretation of the new data subsequently refines the geologic earth model.


SES Technical Geosteering provides an estimate of the payzone formation location in 3D space over the drilled horizontal wellbore. The location and frequency of faults may also be identified, which can have multiple impacts on future development and remediation activities.


Technical Hole Deviation (THD) enables seeing the well plan, survey, Grid data, and geosteered beds, all together in the ***MD*** domain; thereby fully eliminating projection-dependent distortion issues. Through THD Technology, SES provides unsurpassed mathematical incorporation of real-time directional well planning and surveying for most-informed directional steering monitoring and decision making.


SES exploits friendly database technology to produce an experience like no other, with respect to directional steering data management, visualization, navigation, monitoring, and geologic interpretation.


The odds--of knowing where the payzone is, while drilling or post-drilling--are maximized with SES. SES is industry's most advanced fully integrated directional planning and execution 3D technical geosteering software available and the only software that operates with 3DStratBlocks and RSD (Relative Stratigraphic Depth) signal mapping, and THD Technology.


But, if you only need general 3D directional well planning and surveying capabilities without THD, grid data integration, technical geosteering, or steering guidance, it is totally FREE.







FDS is rig site software for drilling data capture/storage and daily reporting. Data entry is quick-and-easy and reports are graphical. And, it's totally FREE!




30-day instant free trial without registration; then registration & use are totally FREE.
QUICK-AND-EASY data entry. Intelligent defaults designed to save you time.
Highly integrated storage of: Time, Footage, Drilling Parameters, Bits, BHAs, Directional Surveys, Mud-Checks, Weight/Torque, Casing, Lithology/Gas, and Cost Data. 
The simplest-ever IADC dull bit grading for steel tooth, insert, and fixed cutter bits.
2-Page (Letter or A4) visually-pleasant Daily Drilling Summary. Pg 1 includes an annotated Time vs. Depth plot with actual, planned, and highlighted last-24-hours. Pg 2 includes snapshot directional section and plan view plots, TO SCALE.
Revised Time Categories and Time Sub-Categories, and the option to mark time log entries as "UNPLANNED". 
COMPLETE UNITS FLEXIBILITY. Source units do not have to equal report units! Independent input/output units for Long Length, Short Length, Force, Torque, Pressure, Flowrate, Area, Density, Velocity, Hydraulic Horsepower, and Temperature.
Via intelligent integration of the data, pressure losses, hydraulics, and annular velocities are automatically computed and reported.
Create various end-of-well data summaries.
Create a Daily Drilling Summary (DDS) file. The small DDS file contains all data for the daily report. Send the DDS file to others and they can re-create the entire report on their computer; a very nice feature when working in a remote, low-bandwidth area.
Create a flat file that contains the entire information for a particular well. This FDS Well File can be exported and imported by FDS.




FDS is a database program designed to capture and store pertinent drilling information at the source, i.e., the rig. FDS was developed in 1998 and field-tested by professionals experienced in drilling operations, drilling engineering, and database development.


FDS comes with an instant free trial period of 30 days before FREE registration is required for continued use. Simply download and use it. If you like it, then register. However, FDS is no longer supported/developed.


The current (and only) version of FDS is 1.1.  (2003-11-17)   


Click here for FDS screen captures.


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