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Training PictureStoner Engineering hosts formal SES training at The Golden Hotel in Golden, CO. The attendance fee is $995 per person and seating is limited. Formal SES Training is hands-on-computer.


The professional attendee becomes attuned to SES technical geosteering logistics in one day. Formal SES training is NOT an introduction to horizontal/directional drilling. Example training agenda here.


Contact us to Register for an open training date shown below. SES User Manual and lunch included in fee. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or fee is waived. With prior notice a laptop for training use may be provided and the attendance fee is $1095.


Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017: OPEN (10 seats remain) RSVP by 2017-10-04.


Time remaining to register:


Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018: OPEN (10 seats remain) RSVP by 2018-01-10.


Training PicRegistration is closed for the following sessions: April 26, 2017; January 25, 2017; April 27, 2016; January 27, 2016; January 28, 2015; November 12, 2014; August 20, 2014; July 22, 2014; May 21, 2014; April 16, 2014; March 19, 2014; February 26, 2014; January 29, 2014; November 6, 2013; September 4, 2013; August 7, 2013; June 6, 2013; April 4, 2013; March 13, 2013; January 31, 2013; January 10, 2013; November 8, 2012; September 6, 2012; July 19, 2012; June 7, 2012; March 19, 2012; March 1, 2012; December 8, 2011; October 6, 2011; August 4, 2011; June 2, 2011.



SES Training Series Videos (70 minutes total). Download raw data files for Training Well #1 and work at your pace for guidance and practice!

SES User Manual, including "Geosteering Trade Secrets" chapter.


Technical papers and presentations.


With three+ people, additional SES training dates may be added; preferably in a month without a training day. Contact us to request.




Petroleum Professional Development Center     Midland College

Location: Midland, TX
  5-day course: October 2 - 6, 2017
  5-day course: TBD, 2018
DISCLAIMER: "3RD-PARTY SES TRAINING OPTIONS" listed above are independent business persons and not agents of Stoner Engineering LLC. Stoner Engineering LLC does not accept any responsibility for any representations, statements or contracts made by any independent business persons on this webpage. We recommend thoroughly researching anyone with whom you choose to do business before making final decisions or entering into agreements.
Contact us for consideration to become listed here as a 3rd-party option for SES training.


Last updated/reaffirmed August 12, 2017.


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